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Magazine (Remembrance 2023)

Welcome to the Remembrance Magazine

Welcome to our Remembrance Magazine which covers November. This time of year is a natural time to ‘Remember’ – Not only with the Armistice falling on 11th November but also with the Ancient season of All Saints and All Souls on the 1st and 2nd November and the more contemporary ‘Kingdom’ Season which follows this as we move towards Advent, Christmas and the end of 2023. For those of us who have lost loved ones, especiallly at this time of year, those ‘remembrances’ will be with us always. But there is something helpful, in the midst of a culture that is always seeking to urge us to move on, to take the time to remember with thanksgiving. As usual, our ‘Forget-me-not Service’ will be available at St James on 5th November at 4pm. Alongside the usual Armistice and Remembrance traditions, St Nicolas School will join us and others as we especially remember those commemorated on the ‘Vicarage Street School’ memorial outside the church on Friday 10th Nov 10.30am. Everyone is welcome, esepcially those with a connection to the old Vicarage Street School. We will also be marking remembrance with Caldwell Grange & Lodge on Tuesday 14th November. This Magazine, not only celebrates and remembers a number of activities that have taken place over the summer and September and October but also looks forward to the festive season and introduces some dates in your diary not to be missed!

‘Remembering’ in the bible is frequently invoked, not least by Jesus when he called us to ‘do this (Holy Communion) in Remembrance of Him’: A regular reminder to recalibrate our hearts and lives towards God and what he has done for us, that we might live lives that better reveal Him to others. Others who need to know (or Remember) who God is.

I pray that in this season of remembrance we may remember Jesus and what he has done for us as we remember, with thanksgiving, those who we have loved but see no longer, those who have served this country and those who have supported the ministry and outreach of the church over the last few months

Here is the newsletter for Remembrance (November 2023)

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