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Magazine (Autumn & Creationtide 2023)

Welcome to the Creationtide & Harvest Magazine

Welcome to our Creationtide and Harvest Newsletter which covers September and October. Hope you had a great summer – one of the highlights for me was being able join with several thousand other Christians at the Kent Showground for New Wine ‘United 23’. There were a number from Churches in Coventry & Nuneaton there and it would be great if you would like to come with us next year too.

Creationtide is a fairly new season in the Church year (developed last century) held in September and October (up until Harvest) where we celebrate God as creator and sustainer of all life. Our services will have a ‘flavour’ of this Creation theme through our liturgy, prayers and preaching and it is an opportunity to be grateful to God for all his goodness to us and commit ourselves afresh to be good stewards of all the gifts he has given to us.

Over the summer, one of the Bible passages that has been important to me as I have been praying for you all is Matt 9:37-8, where, after arriving in a new place, seeing the great need before him says ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’

Jesus’ response to the overwhelming need he noticed in Matt 9:35-36 is to ask his disciples to pray… but then in Matt 10 Jesus sends them out to be the answer to their own prayers.

As we consider the needs in Nuneaton, this nation and the world God calls us to prayer.
May we welcome too his call to mission as He equips us to be answers to our prayers in this town, our parishes and beyond

Here is the newsletter for Creationtide & Harvest.

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