•  Jesus at the centre;

  •  Fellowship – growing in our relationships with each other in Christ;

  •  Every member growing – to help every Christian grow up in Christ;

  •  Every member discovering their gifts and exercising them –  encouraging each Christian to be a minister of Christ;

  •  Outward looking – evangelising and working for God’s kingdom of  Justice and Peace;

  •  Keep it simple – seeking to ‘travel light’.


The St. Nicolas Church vision statement is –

  • Going Deeper (we want to go deeper in our faith and grow as disciples of Jesus)

  • Sowing Younger (we want to invest in the next generation and be involved in helping faith,
    discipleship and church become more accessible to a new generation)

  • Growing Community (we want to develop a sense of community within the church and forge
    greater links with the wider community beyond the church)

The mission statement of the Diocese of Coventry, which we share, is –

  • To worship God;

  • To make new Christians and disciples;

  • To work with others for the transformation of individuals and community.


Pour out your spirit upon us. Grant us a new vision of your glory, A new experience of your power, A new faithfulness to your word, A new consecration to your service; That your love may grow among us, And your kingdom come, Through Jesus Christ our Lord.