‘What is L.E.D.?’

L.E.D. is a fortnightly gathering of people in their 20s and 30s (or thereabouts) in and around St. Nicolas Church. Every meetup will be different. Sometimes we will be getting together socially, sometimes we will be growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ and a variety of other activities might happen.

‘What is the purpose of this and why is it exclusive to young adults?’

Across the Diocese of Coventry and nationally in the Church of England, church attendance among 20s and 30s has been in decline. The modern cultural landscape is increasingly less Christian. This generation is largely ‘unchurched’ so church life can be difficult and alienating for many young people. While the guidance and love of the wider church family is invaluable, 20s and 30s need each other. L.E.D. attempts to bring them together to share friendship and support. We seek to encounter God the Father, follow Jesus and get to know the Holy Spirit as authentically as possible.

‘What does L.E.D. stand for?’


It stands for whatever its members want it to stand for! Its activities are led from within and hopefully its health is led by God.

‘I’m not too sure about Christianity. Is this group appropriate for me?’

Yes! This group is unashamedly Christian but the ethos is to honour and love each other wherever we’re at on our journey in life. The topic of each meeting will be communicated in advance so you can choose what seems right for you. However, sometimes the best way to grow is to stretch our comfort zones, so the deeper and more challenging elements of faith will sometimes be explored.

‘I’m not in my 20s and 30s. Can I still come along?’

Late teens and early 40s are fine to attend but we politely request that this group keep its integrity as a 20s and 30s focused group. We will occasionally be hosting events open to everyone and that will be communicated in advance. If you are not in the age bracket but wish to help out, please contact Mark Seabourne. Thanks for your understanding.

‘If I bring a friend along who isn’t Christian, will they be pounced upon?’

No! We are a Christian group and we love Jesus. It’s natural to share what we love. However, the group is encouraged to honour everyone for where they are at. If an unbeliever is open to talking with us about our faith, we’ll happily oblige but exerting pressure should be avoided. We don’t believe in ‘Spiderweb Evangelism’ – bringing people to a Christian event under false pretences. It should generally be assumed that every gathering is faith based but we will not manipulate people into coming to an event that is advertised as just a social when it’s actually overtly Christian in nature. If there’s any concerns with this, please contact Mark.

‘Can I lead or speak at an L.E.D. event?’

We do welcome guest contributors occasionally. As for leading sessions, if you’re a regular to L.E.D., absolutely. A key aim of this group is to empower the 20s and 30s in whatever gifts they might have – they might wish to preach, lead a bible study, perform worship music, teach a life skill etc. Please get in touch with Mark if this interests you.

‘Is there an expectation on me to come regularly?’

Obviously it’d be nice but this isn’t realistic for everyone. Many of us are busy with careers, relationships, kids and so on. L.E.D. is an ‘easy come, easy go’ group. We just ask that you give the gatherings a go when you can.

‘I have small kids. Can they come?’

This is certainly possible, depending on the event. Please let Mark know in advance so he can try to prepare some activities to keep them entertained.

‘I don’t go to Sunday services. Can I come to L.E.D.?’

Of course… but why not give Sunday services a try? After all, we ARE the church – we aren’t simply consumers of church.

‘I have a suggestion/idea/concern…’

Please speak to Mark Seabourne about this. If you wish to escalate the concern, please contact Reverend Kelly Betteridge or the office.

‘Who is Mark Seabourne?’

Mark is the 20s/30s Development Leader at St. Nicolas. He is employed by the Diocese of Coventry on a 20s and 30s project called Acceler8. His e-mail address is 20s30s@stnicolaschurch.org.uk and his telephone number is 07415 905274. Mark generally works at St. Nics during the latter half of the week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).


‘What is the next event?’

We are bringing back our escape room and quiz event called The Quiztal Maze 2 with new teams due to a very good response on the night and several people who were unable to make it last time. The date will be announced shortly (probably early July).


‘What events have already happened?’